Project Two: Become a News Reporter

Testing! One Two Three!
Project Two: When the flock goes to New York they are seen by different people and they are in various different types of newspapers. Pretend you are a reporter you that has to do a news coverage that is all about the flock. 

Instructions : You have to become a news reporter that has to do a news coverage about the flock. You have to write a script of the news coverage that you are going to do. Have another person be your partner and do it together. You have to use descriptive language and describe anything about what they looked like and anything else you know about them.  After you are done with everything present it to your class and pretend you are doing a live report.  You can be as creative as you want! Just state what you learned about the flock in that part of the book.

Rubric: There are two rubrics for this project. One is for the script and one is for the presentation. 


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