Thinking Cap Possible Answers

Great Job! You got an A+!

Chapter 1-11 

1. There are six members in the flock. Their names are Maximum Ride (Max), Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman (Gazzy), and Angel. Max, Fang, and Iggy are fourteen years, Nudge is ten years old, Gazzy is eight years old, and Angel is six years old. 

2. Answers May Vary. I think Max should not have left Iggy and Gazzy at home because if the Erasers came back to the house they could be seriously hurt. Also, they should have not separated because having five people together is much better than having only three people together. 

Chapter 12-20

3. Answers May Vary. I think Fang did a great job taking those cans of food because they had a source of food. They will not have to starve and they will not have to go anywhere to hunt for food.  

4. Answers May Vary. Max did a good thing to go save that girl because the girl could have been seriously injured and Max would not be able to forgive herself if she just flew by, watching that girl get hurt.

Chapter 21-30

 5. Angel shouldn't have bit the scientist because that would make the scientist angry and maybe he could try to hurt her. She could have mentally told him to hit himself or give her something.

6. Answers May Vary. Angel must have felt really angry because she bit him for a reason but, he just hit her to get revenge. She must have also felt very sad.  

7. Max went to Ella's house even though she knew that it was not safe for her because she could not fly and since she did not know where Fang and Nudge were, she could not call them to help. She urgently needed food, rest, and help. It was not safe for Max because she did not know if Ella was evil or if her family was evil and if they find out that she has wings they could tell other people.  

Chapter 31-39

8.  Answers May Vary. I think Ella and Dr. Martinez  must have felt astonished to see Max's wings because they had never seen a human who had wings implanted in them. They must have had a billion questions going through their heads.

9. Answers May Vary. I think Nudge should have listened to Fang he said not to go to Tipisco, Arizona because he knew what was best for her and he did not know if there were Erasers waiting for them.   

Chapter 40-48

10. Max was telling Dr. Martinez everything about herself even though she was not supposed to because she probably felt like she could trust Dr. Martinez. Maybe she felt that Dr. Martinez could help her in some way. 

11. I think Max has a microchip in her arm because maybe when she was at School, the scientists thought if she ever ran away they could track her and bring her back. 

Chapter 49-56

12. The flock stole the vehicle because if they were seen flying they could easily be spotted. They were in an area where if an Eraser saw them, it could take them back to the School. The type of vehicle they "borrowed" was a red van that was owned by a person who worked at the local gas station. 

13. Answers May Vary. I think those people were Erasers that had been sent to get the flock back to the School. They were a different type of Erasers.  

Chapter 57- 64

14. When Ari said they were going home like old times he meant that they were going back to the School. When he said old times he meant before they disappeared with Jeb.  

15. Answers May Vary. I think Max kept on having strokes because she was very tired and hungry. I think she needed some more rest and energy. 

Chapter 74-83

16. There were people in the cavern under Manhattan because they are homeless and poor. The cavern was probably the only spot they could be safe without being caught by the cops.

Chapter 84-92 

17. When Angel asked the women to buy her the stuffed animal, with her mind she meant that she telepathically told the woman in her mind to buy the stuffed animal. She actually made the woman spend her own forty-nine dollars without her knowing.  

Chapter 94-100

18. Answers May Vary. I think Angel knew the password because she thought of the word and she really liked the word 'MOTHER'. 

Chapter 101-113

19. Answers May Vary. If I was watching the flock in the diner flying out of the ceiling I would have felt shocked to see kids flying out of a ceiling. I would also have been pretty scared because seeing kids with wings flying out of a diner is just scary. 

Chapter 114-134

20. Max has a voice inside of her that gives her advice and she is very fast. Fang is very strong and known as the second man in the flock. Iggy is blind but he can make bombs and hear things around him like a pro. Nudge can talk nonstop without getting tired. Gazzy can also make bombs like Iggy but he farts like crazy. Angel can read and control minds whenever she wants to.