Thinking Cap Questions

Put your Thinking Cap on! Think Think Think!

Chapter 1-11
1. How many members are in the flock, what are their names, and how old are they?
2. Should Max have left Iggy and Gazzy at home? Why or why not?

Chapter 12-20
3. Should Fang have taken the cans of food with him?
4. Max went down to the ground to save a girl from some other people. Do you think should Max have went down to save that girl and leave Fang and Nudge behind? 

Chapter 21-30
5. Should Angel have bit the scientist? 
6.  How do you think Angel felt when she got hit by the scientist in the lab after she bit him?
7. Why did Max go to Ella's house even though she knew it was not save for her?

Chapter 31-39
8. How do you think Dr. Martinez and Ella felt when they saw that Max had wings?
9. Should Nudge have listened to Fang when he said not to go to Tipisco, Arizona? 

Chapter 40-48
10. Why was Max telling Dr. Martinez about herself even though she was not supposed to? 
11. Why do you think Max has a microchip in her arm?

Chapter 49-56
Why did the flock steal the vehicle on their quest to rescue Angel and what type of vehicle did they steal?
13. Who do you think are the people that were sitting close to Max and the flock? 

Chapter 57- 64
14. What does Ari mean by they are going home like old times?

Chapter 65-73
15. Why do you think Max keeps on having strokes?

Chapter 74-83
16. Why were there people in cavern under Manhattan? 

Chapter 84-92 
17. What did Angel mean by she asked the women to buy her the stuffed animal, with her mind?   

Chapter 94-100

18. How do you think Angel knew the password?

Chapter 101-113
19. If you were watching the flock in the diner flying out of the ceiling how would you have felt? 

Chapter 114 -134 

20. What are everybody's supernatural power?